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German language courses

  • German language course (DaF)
  • Courses in groups (in moduls)
  • Courses for children
  • Individual courses
  • Goethe-Institut Scholarship

About our German language courses (DaF)

We offer German courses for all levels, from courses for beginners up to courses for the preparation of the exam C1 (Mittelstufe). Moreover, we offer special courses for children, grammar courses, conversation courses and courses for special purposes. As ''Institut mit Prüfungsberechtigung'' (ImP – Institute licensed for creditation), our courses and exams conform to the guidelines of the Goethe-Institut, Muenchen, and our certificates enjoy world wide validity. Our standard manuals are ''Menschen'' (Hueber-Verlag) and ''Studio d'' (Cornelsen).

Courses in groups (in moduls)

Modul: 22 hours (academic hours = 45min)
Level: all levels, up to Niveau C1
Timetable (core hours): From 18:30 to 20:00 hrs. (4 days per week, total 8 hours per week),
different timetables are possible
Duration: 4 weeks. Generally you need 6 regular moduls to be well prepared for the exam A1 and you need 18 more moduls to face the exam B2 (good knowledge of German)

Courses for children

Course: 64 lessons (1 lesson = 45min) per trimestre (a total of 192 lessons per year)
Level: Two levels for beginners and two levels for advanced learners
Timetable: Afternoons, 2 lessons between 15:00 and 18:00 hrs. (3 days per weeks)
Duration: 1 school year

Individual courses

Start date: every working day of the year possible
Lessons: 2 to 8 hours per day on all levels

Moreover we offer

• Courses for the preparation of the exams A1, A2, B1, B2 and C1 (Mittelstufe)
• Courses for professionals
• Courses for student exchange
• Correspondence courses


In special cases the Goethe-Institut, Muenchen, offers a scholarship (four weeks) or half scholarship for a german course in Germany. This possibility exists for those who are students of the ICBA, regularly attend our courses and have at least passed theB1 exam.

Costs for the different courses in 2019

Annual enrollment Bs. 80.-
Regular courses:
Each modul (22 hrs.) Bs. 260.-
Courses for children:
Each course (64 hrs.) Bs. 660.-

For course discounts and additional information, please contact the ICBA
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