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The Instituto Cultural Boliviano-Alemán (ICBA) in Sucre

The Instituto Cultural Boliviano-Alemán (ICBA) in Sucre is a non-profit cultural-pedagogical and ecological institution, dedicated traditionally to the promotion of the German language (Deutsch als Fremdsprache - DaF) with the official recognition as “Institut mit Prüfungsberechtigung (ImP) “, institute licensed for creditation, by the Goethe Institute, Muenchen.

It puts emphasis on educational activities and cultural interchange to promote and strengthen friendship and understanding between the Bolivian and German people in particular, and between different cultures in general. Part of this work is to offer broad information about contemporary Germany.

The ICBA develops its activities within the scope of the Cultural Convention between the Republic of Bolivia and the Federal Republic of Germany, hence enjoys preferential treatment from the Plurinational Bolivian State Authorities.

Our work: language-educational, intercultural and ecological

The ICBA offers a broad spectrum of activities, like language courses and exams (German - DaF, Spanish, Quechua, Portuguese, Italian), intercultural, educational and also ecological activities. The Institute is considered one of the important centers of cultural life in Sucre. The Spanish Language Programme in Latin America is directed above all towards tourists and experts of international cooperation who want to learn Spanish in a historical and colonial city, the constitutional Capital of Bolivia, declared Cultural Heritage Centre by UNESCO in 1992.

The ICBA and its wide range of language courses

Sucre as a World Heritage City offers best conditions for language learning!

German Courses

We offer German courses and exams according to worldwide standards in direct cooperation with the Goethe-Institut, München. Through our programme we teach and promote the German language (DaF) in Sucre, Bolivia and the certificates that we issue have international validity.

Spanish Courses

Our Spanish Language Programme is directed to tourists, volunteers and experts of international cooperation. We have been offering this language programme for the last thirty years. Our teachers are qualified to use English and/or German in the language teaching process when necessary.

More Language Courses

Besides German and Spanish language courses, we offer classes of Quechua, which is the indigenous language spoken in great parts of the Andean region. On demand, we also offer Portuguese and Italian. As we say: Sucre as a World Heritage City is an ideal place to learn a new language!

The ICBA and its Cultural Programme

In the range of our cultural programme we promote the encounter, the exchange and the intercultural dialogue with the objective to strengthen local artistic initiatives and to mediate a contemporary and modern image of Germany.
Our Institute offers a broad spectrum of cultural activities like exhibitions, concerts, theatre, dance, concerts, lectures… The ICBA works together closely with other local cultural institutions like the ''Alianza Francesa'', the ''Centro Boliviano Americano'', the University ''San Francisco Xavier…'' and the ''Casa de la Libertad''.
Thursday Cinema For a good time we have been offering the so called “Thursday Cinema”. We will show a movie and invite all the participants to an interchange of impressions and opinions about the film (“tertulia”). Generally, we put emphasis on non commercial movies and on the cinema history.
The ICBA also participates in local cultural events, like the "Festival Internacional de Cultura" and others. For the forthcoming years we intend to revitalize our already established activity, the "Encuentro Ecológico Cultural"
Logo ICBA Sucre, Bolivia, Calle Bolivar 609
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